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About Us

Our Mission

GewdGame's mission is to help develop esports into an ecosystem where anybody can monetize their time and skills.

Right now, esports is an industry where only the elite pro players and their management teams are able to turn a profit.

We want to change that by offering lower-level players a set of tools they can use to grow their skills and earnings by offering their services to or collaborating with reliable peers in a secure and trusted environment.

Our vision is to become the world's leading esports talent marketplace. By offering a comprehensive set of tools, we will serve as the go-to service for all players with professional ambitions.

The Team

Founded in 2018 by a couple of lifelong, passionate gamers, GewdGame takes gaming seriously. Our company values are embedded in our brand DNA: to be, do, and play Gewd. Our founding team has over 16 years of experience growing globally-oriented tech startups, over 5 years of experience in esports, and just about a lifetime of time spent gaming. As we strive for excellence, we know we're only as strong as our team.

  1. Danijel Pančić


    Co-founder & DPS

    A coding extraordinaire, Danijel has grown and lead development teams at Zemanta and Bitstamp. Always the tinkerer, he has also built a browser game, a ticket tracking app, and other cool stuff.

  2. Danijel Pančić


    Co-founder & Healer

    Vesna is a marketer and economist by trade, and a gamer and geek by heart. An experienced B2B marketing strategist, she's worked with both startups and investors, now focusing on her passions.

  3. Danijel Pančić



    Ever the quintessential gamer, Žan has been active in the regional esports scene for years as a shoutcaster, event organizer and streamer. He is a problem-solver with a calm and collected demeanor.


  1. GewdGame

    GewdGame is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

  2. Ljubljanski univerzitetni inkubator

    GewdGame is incubated at Ljubljana University Incubator.