Jungle Fever: League of Legends Tips & Tricks by Frosttide

Hello everyone!

As of today, a large part of the League of Legends community is actively trying to improve their gameplay. Most of them just watch videos on YouTube or maybe they watch their favorite streamer to try and learn some tricks from the pros.

But what if you really want to stand out of the crowd?

What if you want to know EVERYTHING that can give you an edge over your opponent?

For those of you who want to step up their game, GewdGame now offers the services of people like myself. We are professional Coaches — a community of people who have vast knowledge and tons of experience that we have built up over the years. But most importantly — we have a passion for teaching.

But what exactly can you expect from your League of Legends coach?

Well, today I’d like to share with you two very useful tips that I give to my students. They are aimed towards junglers and mid laners using smite. The first one focuses on the vision aspect of the game.

The pixel bush is one of the most contested bushes early game by the junglers and a very important objective when it comes to controlling vision. Especially early game when it can save your mid laner from a gank, or prevent you from ganking if you’re jungling.

But as you can see in this video, that isn’t always the case — a ward inside the pixel bush doesn’t always protect against ganks and can be bypassed by everyone who knows how to path correctly. And it’s a very real strategy that almost every high elo jungler knows how to make use of for free ganks.

The next video shows us the exact same technique of using the ward’s blind spot to successfully path to mid lane without being noticed by the ward in the pixel bush, but from the other side of the river.

Recently, the jungle meta has shifted once again. We went from having strong level 2 junglers contesting the crab to farming junglers aiming to clear it as fast as possible. In order to stay relevant, a lot of junglers adopted efficient pathing and gave up on ganks. But some players are still faster than others. Have you wondered how? Here’s one of the many tricks that the higher elo junglers use.

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