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Practice in League of Legends - Free Offer

League of Legends

Practice in League of Legends

Roles Player is skilled in the following roles.

  1. Support
  2. AD Carry
  3. Mid Lane
  4. Tank
  5. Off Tank
  6. Jungler

Regions The player plays in the following regions.

Spoken Languages Player speaks the following languages.

  1. English
  2. Romanian

Offer Description

Price 50$ for a team session ( 4hrs spreadsheet prep, draft discussion, individual focuses, etc) Price 30$ for a full session ( 1 live game + review); or VOD review. (1hr-2hr, depending on how the games go). Price 15$ for mental coaching (30min-1hr) In order to be eligible for coaching, you need to have a rank assigned. In order to be eligible for coaching you need to be able to stream/share screen on discord/Skype, or have a game recorded on mpr4 format uploaded on mega, google drive. :star: Make sure you check the coach schedule before you make an appointment. :star: When you want to get coached be sure to send a DM to the coach with the following information: 1. Your op.gg. 2. Age. 3. The personal goal towards league (ex: improving, climbing, pro-play). 4. Time and day when you would be available for a session. Payment must be done prior to the scheduling. Packets for multiple session can be bought: 3 sessions 10% off, 5 sessions 30% off, 7 sessions 50% off.

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