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Practice in League of Legends - Free Offer

League of Legends

Practice in League of Legends

Roles Player is skilled in the following roles.

  1. Mid Lane
  2. Jungler
  3. Top Lane

Regions The player plays in the following regions.

Spoken Languages Player speaks the following languages.

  1. Arabic
  2. English

Offer Description

I’m an Egyptian student in college working to get my computer science degree. I love all things anime, games, and movies. I like all kinds of music from country and jazz to rock. I adapt to my student. If you’re looking for a formal approach, language, and then I can do that. If you’re looking for a fun coach that isn’t stuck-up and can make jokes, I can do that too. I'm someone who loves helping people improve their gameplay in a calm manner and making them realize their own mistakes and how to better improve in future games. I`m very patient with my students and want them to see exactly what they were doing wrong, every single possibility for a scenario that could happen, and how to react properly. I was born in Egypt and still live there. I got onto league of legends in season 3, and loved the game instantly and was hooked. At the start, my go-to pick was Katarina in the bot lane. Don't judge, I was still new. But, I slowly learned everything there was to learn and peaked in Master. Now, since I love the idea of teaching people, I've decided to start coaching. I've started recently coaching, I have slightly less than 100 hours of coaching, so I just want you to be aware of that. But I don't believe my relative inexperience damages my ability to coach at a high level at all.

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