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Team SCRIM in League of Legends - Free Offer

League of Legends

Team SCRIM in League of Legends

Regions The player plays in the following regions.

  1. Europe West

Spoken Languages Player speaks the following languages.

  1. German
  2. English

Offer Description

Hey guys, I'm building a team. We are currently searching for Top, Mid and Support. Requirement is being at least 16 years old and a mic for discord ofc. Minimum rank is Platinum 1. We are going to play scrims on various sides, clash (crash?) when it finally comes out ... and other. I am planning on practising once a week as a team but this can change. If you're interested add me on League "Dicliffier" or Discord "ThorsPanzer#9835"

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Romp and Chomp
Posted by Romp and Chomp
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