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Solo Coaching in League of Legends

League of Legends

Solo Coaching in League of Legends

Roles Player is skilled in the following roles.

  1. Support
  2. AD Carry
  3. Jungler
  4. Top Lane

Regions The player plays in the following regions.

  1. North America
  2. Europe West
  3. Europe Nordic & east
  4. Oceania
  5. Russia
  6. Turkey
  7. Brazil
  8. Latin America North
  9. Latin America South
  10. Japan

Spoken Languages Player speaks the following languages.

  1. Bulgarian
  2. German
  3. English

Offer Description

Hey what's up? I'm Valentine, but I'm better known as Frosttide. I'm a dental medicine student with an undying passion for coaching. Im taking a break from the uni so i can give all my attention to league and to coaching. Im free 24/7 and i can coach players from all regions as long as you let me know a bit before hand, so i can prepare (usually about an hour is enough) I've played League of Legends for 7 years and I've been coaching people for over a decade now. I first started with Dota 1, since it was the most popular game back in my days and then transitioned to WoW where i created a raiding guild with the sole purpose to gather new players and work with them. The guild managed to hit realm 3 Dragon soul. Then came my latest pation - League of legends. I love absolutely everything about the game, especially how competitive it is. I also specialize in deep off meta picks - for example Lulu, soraka, janna top lane (not funneling), janna jungle, kayle top and the list goes on. During season 8 climbing up to rank 20 Kayle in the world. Overall I bring a strong grasp of an understanding of the game as i climbed with every role (except mid lane) up till mid - high diamond. My goal here is to make a better player out of you, no matter what. During our sessions, we'll go over: • Specific tactics that will help you carry games and make you an overall stronger player. • For example jungle pathing, decision making, etc etc. • Macro knowledge, vision control, wave management, when to splitpush, when to gank etc.. • Player mentality (This one is the most important, in my opinion) • Champion mechanics • Effective ways to climb e.g. How does the ladder works? Where are the pitfalls? When should i dodge? How much should i play? • Much more! - Note: All of my sessions are adapted to your personal rank and knowledge, so that I may help you as best as possible. The most efficient way for a student to learn is when he is 100% dedicated to learning the lesson so i prefer NOT to do live coachings, since i think they are mostly a scam. I prefer to coach players via a VoD Review using the in-game replay system. Usually you'd send me over the replay + your op.gg (via E-mail) and ill watch it while sharing my screen (so i can doodle stuff for you). - Note: If you prefer another method, let me know and we can do it your way, but i believe that this is the most optimal way. But if its just not working for you - we will adapt. Everyone is different! Thank you for reading this over, see you soon! :smiley:

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